Clam Steamer

Clam Steamer

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20 Quart - This Pot Will Approx. Hold 6.25 Dozen Clams Or 75 Clams
20 Quart= 5 Gallons Based On Middle Neck Clams! This Will Very According To Clam Size!

40 Quart - This Pot Will Hold Approx. 12.50 Dozen Middle Neck Clams!
(Aka) 150 Clams Remember This Is A 40 Quart Pot=10 Gallons!

80 Quart - This Pot Can Cook Up 25 Dozen=300 Clams At Once!
Remember 80 Quart=20 Gallon
This Is Also Based On The Size Of The Clams! It Was Figured With Middle Neck!!!!!!!! Clams

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