Event Sponsorship

CCM Rental is committed to supporting the communities in which our customers and employees work and live. Our communities are the source of our success, and we are grateful.

We’re looking for events that reflect the values and interests of our communities which help us build meaningful relationships with organizations and individuals and provide us with business – building opportunities. Sponsorship provides CCM Rental an opportunity to extend our gratitude to existing customers and welcome new customers.

CCM Rental receives a large number of sponsorship requests each year from all around the community, and we do our best to fulfill as many as we can. It is our preference to exchange services whenever possible in lieu of financial contribution.

Preference for sponsorship is given to:

  • Organization, events, and projects that actively promote the development of the communities where CCM Rental stores are located.

  • Requests that have the greatest potential to generate broad visibility for the company and to directly reach potential customers in the community.

  • Requests that allows us the opportunity to showcase rental and party equipment and the benefits of rental.

  • Existing customers who regularly patronize CCM Rental.

Sponsorship Guidelines:

Timeframe: Proposals must be received at least 1 month prior to the event for consideration. We are unable to review proposals that do not comply with this timeframe.

Proposal Submission: All applicants must complete the CCM Rental Sponsorship Proposal Form. Due to the large number of proposals received by CCM Rental, proposals that do not contain the necessary information will not be reviewed.

Thank you again for considering CCM Rental for your sponsorship opportunity. We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Please click the button below to fill out a sponsorship form. 


CCM Rental reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time without notice, and to limit the size and frequency of the donations at will. Donations are made only when funding and materials are readily available. A donation from CCM Rental to any organization does not necessarily constitute support for the mission and goals of that organization. CCM Rental cannot be held liable for the actions of donation recipients.

At our discretion, we will provide coupons, gift certificates and/or product, and exchange of services whenever possible in lieu of financial contributions.

Proposals must be received 1 month prior to your event for consideration.